Restructuring of the Area B House

Sam Lash (Brown University), Marcello Mogetta (University of Michigan), Rachel Opitz(University of Arkansas), Matt Naglak(University of Michigan), Tyler Johnson(University of Arkansas)

The southern wall features a different building technique, consisting of irregular blocks and rubble. Several features are preserved south of what we call the southern wall of the structure, though it is unclear if they are associated with the house or a different property. Two north-south walls built in the same technique to be contemporary with it to the south, though these seem to be part of the adjoining property. A noticeable cut runs continuously, albeit slightly irregularly, along the edges of these walls that delineates an additional space to the south of the structure (below room 6). A worked block lies slightly southwest within this space and may have been once part of this wall or used as a threshold. The alignment of this worked block and two circular stone presses suggests they have been displaced as is supported by all three floating above intact stratigraphy in the top soil.