Future Conference Events

Members of the Gabii Project regularly appear at the AIA/SCS. Look for us there to see recent results from the Gabii Project.

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Past Conference Events

Digital Heritage 2013

We were at the Digital Heritage 2013 meeting in Marseille, France, from 28 October - 1 November 2013. Our workshop ran twice on Monday the 28th October 2013, from 14:00-16:00 and from 16:00-18:00, in Fort Sean-Jean, Room C.

Workshop Abstract: 21st c. Data, 21st c. Publications. 3D Model Publication and building the Peer Reviewer Community

The preservation and dissemination of 3D archaeological data, and the adaptation of peer review to accommodate publications based on complex digital data and models, are key emergent issues in 21st-c.archaeology and related fields. A growing cadre of archaeological projects are producing rich, born-digital archives incorporating data from technologies like 3D modeling, laserscanning, image based modeling,and photogrammetric survey, which they are preparing for publication.The Gabii Project (University of Michigan) is embarking on a new digital heritage effort, supported by the NEH, to develop a peer review process and support the building of a community of reviewers for complex 3D,digital content. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to interact with sample 3D digital content of the kind that could potentially appear inGabii Project publications, alongside relevant narrative text and archaeological arguments. They will be asked to work in groups to critique the digital content in terms of interface, information content,and integration with the narrative and argument. This critique exercise will act as a springboard for open discussion, in which participants will define key issues in developing a process forthe peer reviewed publication of the kinds of digital 3D models and complex, interactive datasets archaeological projects are now producing.Taking advantage of the wide range of participants brought together by the Digital Heritage conference, this workshop will act as a starting point, launching the effort to build a community of peer reviewers with the necessary skills and shared standards to evaluate these kinds of publications. During the workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to register interest for continuing participation in theGabii Goes Digital project, and identify opportunities for future meetings, training sessions, and knowledge transfer.

Gabii Goes Digital Webinar 1

We held this project's first Webinar on the 14th October 2013. This meeting brought together researchers, scholars and students in archaeology. During this webinar we looked at an example of how we might integrate narrative text, describing basic evidence about stratigraphic relationships, with a Unity scene containing the models and links to the data which support the narrative. You can see the content we discussed during the webinar here.

TAG 2013

We presented a paper on 17 December 2013 as part of the Seeing, Thinking, Doing session at TAG 2013. You can read about the session at here. We'll post the presentation here shortly after the conference.

2014 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America

We presented a poster, together with the team from the Gabii Project, at the 2014 AIA meeting in Chicago. Stop by on the 2nd January during the poster session to discuss the projects and see our latest pilot publication samples in action.

More information coming soon!