A bit of history for a very new Project

When the excavation phase of the Gabii Project started in 2009, technical and methodological innovation was a priority. From the beginning, the Gabii Project's recording strategy made extensive use of technologies like image-based modeling, distributed databases, and comprehensive survey. Having collected and created this rich digital dataset, we face the challenge of developing effective and innovative ways of publishing and sharing it. That's where the Gabii Goes Digital Project comes in to play. In the Gabii Goes Digital Project we are working to make the 3D models and digital data we've collected a core part of our publication record, promoting their acceptance as basic data within the archaeological community. Many of the Gabii Goes Digital team members also work on the Gabii Project excavations, and have other research interests linked to the Gabii Project at large. This helps us maintain strong connections between field archaeology, archaeological research, and our efforts to produce innovative modes of publication.

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